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Entrepreneur | Construction | Marketing

Sam J Power is a graduate in BSc (Hons) Construction Management. 

Using the knowledge of the industry, combined with a keen sense in entrepreneurship he has found his niche as a sole provider as a construction digital marketing expert. Sam is a consultant for all things related to construction, marketing and entrepreneurship, and has been a guest speaker at many events.

Sam J Power has engaged with the concept of entrepreneurship early in his career, by 2016 he became the chairperson of the enterprise society in college for the next two years. And in 2018 he founded the Construction Management Society, and remained its chairperson for the year until he was officially qualified as a BSc (Hons) in Construction Management.

In search for more knowledge, he decided to politely turn down a management position in an international and award winning corporation, in order to pursue an MSc in International Business at the same college. He has also developed this website with the promise to provide his exceptional services to his clients.

Sam J Power is a self-taught digital marketer and done so by the method of taking a hands on experiential approach where he learned Search Engine Optimization, Advertising and User Experience. he puts himself in the shoes of prospects and considers what they will like to see, and what intrinsic values can be catered to.