What Marketing Guru's Don't Tell About Marketing Online

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The number one thing that Gurus do not tell you online with regards to marketing and by extension starting a business is the depth at which you market and the cost of marketing digitally.


This is very simple to explain when I give it some context so lets assume that you are a AHU Installer or that you own a mechanical ventilation company that specialise in industrial construction and you want to market yourselves online for a better level of exposure and you want to increase the amount of maintenance contracts on a B2B level. You will need to promote your business to beat your competition, which makes sense.

You come in contact with a digital marketer who will use all available mediums to promote your business. Let's s list them below:

  • Email Marketing

  • Facebook Ads

  • Linkedin

  • Instagram

  • Google Adwords

  • Twitter

  • SEO

  • YouTube

  • Podcasting

  • Reddit

And of course thousands more mediums that could be used...

If you only had a digital marketing budget of €10,000 and you split it between all of those mediums you are not optimising for the best quality leads and you are throwing away your money into advertising spend (which may not be as cheap as you realise)

In this case the not so savvy digital marketer is going to split the ad budget to acquire leads but there are fundamental problems in that you are not going to target the right audience as the right audience may not even be present on those platforms.

If you are looking for regular business owners who hold industrial property, the chances are they are not going to be on many of those platforms often. I'm not saying they wouldn't have a presence on all of those platforms, but you will want to go to the platforms where they are most present and where it offers the most leads for your Mechanical Maintenance Company.