What Marketing Guru's Don't Tell About Marketing Online

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The number one thing that Gurus do not tell you online with regards to marketing and by extension starting a business is the depth at which you market and the cost of marketing digitally.


This is very simple to explain when I give it some context so lets assume that you are a AHU Installer or that you own a mechanical ventilation company that specialise in industrial construction and you want to market yourselves online for a better level of exposure and you want to increase the amount of maintenance contracts on a B2B level. You will need to promote your business to beat your competition, which makes sense.

You come in contact with a digital marketer who will use all available mediums to promote your business. Let's s list them below:

  • Email Marketing

  • Facebook Ads

  • Linkedin

  • Instagram

  • Google Adwords

  • Twitter

  • SEO

  • YouTube

  • Podcasting

  • Reddit

And of course thousands more mediums that could be used...

If you only had a digital marketing budget of €10,000 and you split it between all of those mediums you are not optimising for the best quality leads and you are throwing away your money into advertising spend (which may not be as cheap as you realise)

In this case the not so savvy digital marketer is going to split the ad budget to acquire leads but there are fundamental problems in that you are not going to target the right audience as the right audience may not even be present on those platforms.

If you are looking for regular business owners who hold industrial property, the chances are they are not going to be on many of those platforms often. I'm not saying they wouldn't have a presence on all of those platforms, but you will want to go to the platforms where they are most present and where it offers the most leads for your Mechanical Maintenance Company.

Since these people are professionals, they would most likely be on 3 mediums of information this includes:

  • Email Marketing

  • LinkedIn


  • SEO

Now the extremely competent digital marketer is going to focus on one of those mediums (or maybe two if you are running an advertising test) but the point is they are going extremely deep into one platform, that they are killing your competition easily in your target market acquisition and are able to re-target your second advertisement to your leads if they viewed your ad for a certain amount of time and didn't opt in the first time.

The multi-faceted approach to digital marketing will at best give more awareness to your company, but it may not give you any insightful or useful leads. Awareness in the Construction or contracting industry will not provide much value to your company unless it is from a Public Relations or CSR point of view. Which is why it is difficult to Market yourself B2B on Social Media, Social Media is a B2C tool and works better for eCommerce rather than Services.

"But Sam, if thats the case, why do you market on social media as well?"

"That is because I run an eService, meaning that I am capable of fulfilling my services remotely. There is also a high SEO Element to so that my social media is pushing my website ranking higher than other services, as I frequently install back-links to

my own website,

so that when people look for me I can be easily found."

This is why as part of your strategy you need to go deep into a couple of platforms, This is why I am an expert in Facebook Marketing and Email Marketing. I have some knowledge of other platforms, but I tend to employ that expertise instead as it is easier and will often yield better results.


The cost of digital marketing can be quite high if you do not know what you are doing. There are various methodologies to make your advertising profitable and measurable through the internet. there are only 3 directions you can use when creating your ads.

You can:

Loss Lead Net <€0 after ad spend

Break Even Net =€0 after ad spend

Profitable Net >€0 after ad spend


Just because your ad is initially not profitable does not mean that you will lose money overall, in fact its commonplace in the realms of digital marketing.

Most of your prospects are gatherers of information and are looking for a solution to a problem that they have and that information is not usually in the public domain, it is often expert knowledge that somewhat safeguarded within the business sector. If your prospects have a problem they will contact the experts for an analysis or are looking for a quote to solve that problem

This is where you can loss lead with an Information package on what it takes for you to solve a problem that they have. If you advertise this you are to include the following:

  • The Problem

  • What You Offer as Solutions

  • Your Unique Selling Points (aftercare, warranty, 24 hour Customer Service, Free inspections/ consultations, Free quotes, etc.)

  • Case studies with testimonials or feedback

  • Your Contact Information

You will of course lose money initially advertising your Information Package but this is why you can make money on the back end by closing some sales when the prospect rings you up with their problem (in their unique circumstance (this is very important))

When you close sales as a result of your information product you can acquire their contact information and their corporate email and mobile number. This will allow you to have the capabilities of turning your loss-leader advertisement campaign into a profitable one by making money on the back end.


This is where you are able to make money on the front end of the advertising campaign by offering your quote and your solutions within the advertisement through either a retainer or a full upfront cost for your service.

This tends to be difficult as very few prospects are willing to make the decision right there and then for B2B Purposes but for B2C Purposes it tends to make more sense to demand an upfront commitment, a payment by instalments or invoicing Net +0 this is where your ads will be profitable when they make that financial commitment.


The Company who spends the most to acquire a customer will win the customer, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more digital platforms operate by a "bidding system" If you are only willing to spend €10 to acquire a genuine lead but your competitors are willing to spend €12 you are going to lose every single time. Of course you do not want to go crazy on ad spend either and attempt to outbid people by going €50 per lead because then you are wasting money if either they do not convert or you do not have the resources to solve the issue of your prospect which is worse than the prospect not converting at all because it leaves them frustrated that you will not help them.

Not so long ago, Taxi Cabs were operated by taxi bases. When there was no taxi available to pick me up within 5-10 minutes, I immediately rang the next one. Human nature we are impatient and we want to receive solutions straight away, and some taxi bases have annoyed me so much with their delivery time, that I never rang them again. In other words they cost themselves a customer.

A prospect that you turn away in their time of need will almost certainly convert - Just not to you - Ever! You had your chance already.

If you wish to learn more about marketing you can enquire about my sales and marketing training by sending me a direct email here at


and I will be hosting my first training session soon. if you want an overview of information you can click here and be redirected to my information page.

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