Marketing in Construction - Conventional Vs Digital

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

So you are here because I had some of the best SEO and have shared this on social media to gain more traction on this blog post to show you the difference between conventional and digital marketing. By now I presume that you already know which way this is going.

Not only will I write the differences between the two, I will also discuss the level of impressions your ads can receive in each circumstance, its effectiveness in a construction context and why you will need a basic ongoing use of marketing systems if you want increased levels of financial success and higher quality leads for your company.

Its is often perceived that only large companies can afford to make a budget for marketing their products and services. In truth this is a cognitive bias that we have on the sole basis that "if they are bigger than us they are better than us". While our logical mind tells us that is not true, our subconscious mind perceives the bigger things as better than the smaller.

To put this bias into some general context before we dive into construction, lets use something that is of hot topic of 8 countries in the world and that is the Instagram Likes feature being hidden from users in Ireland, Canada, Italy and others. In any case you follow a personal page, and they are getting a lot of likes for their post, as per the bandwagon fallacy if something has a lot of likes we are more inclined to like it because of the fact other people have and we want to feel a part of it.

Then you see a similar picture on your feed, and then it has a much smaller like count, while you see it as a nice picture your subconscious will also look at the like count and then automatically perceive it as a post of lower quality on the sole basis of its like count.

Instagram has removed this like feature as a test to see how the app performs. While I am indifferent about its existence, as a marketer I'm not going to spend money for social proof or likes clout. All of these "Influencers" are going to find it much harder to prove their costs for a shout-out if "likes" engagement is no longer a measure of the quality of genuine leads. As a marketer, I will need to find new ways to market (Innovation is nothing new)

That's the "Bigger than us" Fallacy debunked on a platform of nearly a billion users therefore bigger isn't better anymore.

But what about in the context of Construction? The same rule applies.

Bigger companies do bigger jobs, that much is certain, and if its a big job many people are going to hear about it. Everybody in Ireland knows about the National Children's Hospital Project, and everyone in Cork Knows about the Dunkettle Interchange. Both of those