The truth about entrepreneurship from a personal perspective

So the reason I'm writing this even though I see a number of blog posts and videos telling you how great it is to be an entrepreneur or a business owner and how it is virtually no risk involved is because not one person I have ever come across mentions the dark side.

All of these gurus who tell you how great it is to be a business owner or an entrepreneur are not lying, however they rarely ever tell you the full truth. This is because they have courses to sell, products to sell via affiliate marketing programmes, and of course their latest eBook giving you "the (insert number) amount of steps to (insert number)x your income" or "how to make $(any 4 or 5 figure number) per month within (insert number) days"... Sound familiar ?

If you watch YouTube like me a lot for gaining particular skills, either within the marketing niche, entrepreneur niche, or make money online niche every 3rd ad is a new "entrepreneur" with a new Ferrari that they "own" inviting you to a "free" "live webinar" that they are only keeping available for the first "(insert number) people" or "this date/time".

The truth is while I was never one of those people, I have been one of those people where I was caught in their marketing, I was younger and more naïve than I am now. Thinking I could make it work within 30 days or possibly since I have little experience maybe 60 days, I would be on track to quitting my job and working only when I need to for myself.

You see the hard truth of entrepreneurship that nobody tells you, is that there is no clean formula to make you an entrepreneur, and not one of these gurus can make you a success overnight or within the space of time that they allow. I'm not saying it's impossible to become an overnight success but it's very unlikely and near impossible if you have