Pro Bono

This service is made for Non-Profit Bodies of the construction industry ranging from societies, trade unions, and professional bodies as part of a personal CSR Policy.

This CSR Policy is a personal obligation to assist Non-Profit Organisations to grow Oganically and get recognition for the  great things that they do. 


Due to the level of our resources, we can only fulfil a maximum of two Pro Bono Contracts per year for the maximum term 12 months. 


As a Pro Bono client, you are elligible for the following services:

  • Brand Management

  • Social Media Management

  • Marketing Consultancy Sessions

  • Two Digital Marketing Audits (at the start, at termination of Pro Bono

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Blueprint

  • Temporary Web-hosting if required.


You do the great things, We will ensure it gets seen to those who matter. 


Forms of managed marketing done for you - Completely free of charge


Digital Marketing Audits for the


duration of your agreement - Pro Bono with Sam J Power


Full year of free services typically priced at €7,500 per annum as an industry rate