When you get a number of enquiries but do not generate sales from the service you provide, there is a problem with your sales methodology.


This problem may be as small as a needle in a haystack but a needle can still hurt your business.

From this service you will be introduced to the uses of psychology that will entice your customer to buy now.


In this training you will be given

  • Critical explanation of the "sales curve"

  • In person and telephoned sales tutorials as to offer the best pitch

  • Handouts of the best sales tricks which anyone can use


The objective with this training is to both retain prospects, while also acquire new ones through relationship marketing and deliver better results to your business. 


implementation of marketing through loyalty and referral programmes to purchase more frequently, in higher quantities and of course maintain a long term relationship with your customer


Understanding of sales psychology and why you should use it to your advantage complete with theory handouts and a practical guide.


Dedicated sales training on a group basis with 1-on-1 interaction and critiques with 

Sam J Power - BSc (Hons)