Construction has always been reliant on building contacts within the industry itself, however new prospects are increasingly becoming harder to come by due to digitisation. 


Those who have adopted the technology earlier feel less pain in consumer acquisition than those who have not adopted it all, but failure to consistently adopt new technology will lead to poor company performance over time.

This is where Sam J Power comes in. 


Full audit and desktop study for your business.

A Full Digital Marketing Audit of your contracting business. Comprising of a report of the findings for KeyWord searches, Search Engine Optimisation, Backlinks,  Your Website User Interface system and provision of an overall credibility rating. Professional Recommendations of this audit are also included in this package at no additional expense, giving you the opportunity to take the steps to correct it in your own manner.


Development of a long term marketing strategy blueprint to get you more clients.

A long term Marketing Strategy is Key to the long term success of your business. Hence we are proud to issue your company a Blueprint tailored to you and your niche to give you the best success in obtaining a greater number of clients. This will comprise of your goals and the tasks required to fulfilling those goals will be broken down for you in a simple easy to follow report.


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Consisting of a full website development over the period of two months.

A complete digital overhaul of your contracting company will entail a clean and fresh look that will catch the eyes of your prospects almost immediately on the landing page. This service will entail a fully optimised website design, development, combined with high quality google ranking, SEO.


As an added bonus your new website will be hosted with a professional domain and email completely free for the first year.

Finally, to compliment our service two free user manuals, in both hard and soft copy will be sent to you to explain how to best operate your new site, and other additions and revisions of your site will occur for up to one month post contract.


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Delivery of authentic high ticket sales training for four hours

When you get a number of enquiries but do not generate sales from the service you provide, there is a problem with your sales methodology. This problem may be as small as a needle in a haystack but a needle can still hurt your business.

From this service you will be introduced to the uses of psychology that will entice your customer to buy now, be given a critical explanation of the "sales curve", be provided with in person and telephoned sales tutorials, and complete handout of the best sales tricks which anyone can use to not only retain prospects, but also acquire new ones through relationship marketing. 


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Get industry critical advice for setting up your own contracting firm

This service entails a full SWOT Analysis of your proposed venture as well as any details of competitors in your proposed operational area. this business viability analysis is designed to save you time and money so that you can see the odds of your success before you dive in and set up your company.


Additionally, a marketing manual will also be delivered to your home address completely free of charge alongside your business viability report. The opportunity for a phone call to discuss the findings of the report will also be provided.


A memorable logo design with up to three free revisions to suit your company

This service is designed to deliver you an industry dominating logo that will attract new prospects to your company. We use a specialised impression analysis model to determine what the right colours should be, what grabs the most attention and what size is best optimised for it. You focus on building your business, we will focus on building your brand.

Pro Bono

Professional Marketing Services For Non Profit Bodies 

This service is made for Non-Profit Bodies of the construction industry ranging from societies, trade unions, and professional bodies as part of a personal CSR Policy.​ This CSR Policy is a personal obligation to assist Non-Profit Organisations to grow Oganically and get recognition for the  great things that they do. You do the great things, We will ensure it gets seen to those who matter.